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11 Best Ayurvedic Face Cream

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Herbs & Greens Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Radiance Face Cream For Dark Spots, Pigmentation & Blemishes | Natural Anti Aging Day & Night Face Cream for Woman & Men | Oily & Dry Skin*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • 3 in 1 ADVANTAGE - FAST ABSORBING NATURAL LUXURY CREAM, SKIN BRIGHTENING KUMKUMADI, AGE DEFYING HYDRATING HERBS - Silky textured international luxury face cream is India's first elixir ayurvedic cream with a 3 in 1 advantage. Traditional Fairness & Skin Brightening Kumkumadi + Precious Wrinkle Protection herbs + Age Defying Natural base. Fortified with precious kumkumadi containing goat milk & 25 precious herbs like Saffron, Indian Rose, Manjistha, Brahmi, Ashwagandha & Vitamin C from Amla
  • INTENSE 7 LAYER NON GREASY MOISTURIZATION & HYDRATION FOR BOTH DULL DRY PARCHED UNEVEN SKIN & OILY ACNE PIMPLE PRONE SKIN - Regular use imparts natural glow, prevents signs of aging & improves elasticity along with maintaining natural even tone. Perfectly suitable for oily skin prone to acne pimples as this cream is feather super light & doesnt clog pores. Suitable for Unisex, day & night use
  • TRADITIONAL AYURVEDIC FORMULA, KUMKUMADI PRESCRIBED AS ESSENTIAL BEAUTY TREATMENT IN ANCIENT TEXTS TO REDUCE DARK SPOTS & AGEING SIGNS - High performance best quality kumkumadi with 25 exclusive herbs blended in a world class feather lite luxury cream ensure excellent moisturisation along side cell regeneration & fades away dark spots in all skin types
  • PERFECT NOURISHING FEATHER LITE NATURAL GLOW BOOSTER SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR INDIAN SUMMERS, MAKES YOUR SKIN FEEL SPECIAL - Dont just moisturise, nourish your skin to the deepest core. Naturally whitens & brightens up your skin to give a visible glow, Visibly reduces tan & enhances skin's natural luminosity. Get that plump firm even skin & intense non greasy hydration with enriched natural precious moisturising agents.
  • COMPLETE NATURAL SKIN CARE + ANTI WRINKLE DAY & NIGHT PROTECTION - Prevents dark spots, pigmentation, premature wrinkle formation, skin becomes firm & boosts collagen too
  • DOES'NT CONTAIN - Phthlates, formaldehyde, paraben, artificial colours or fragrances & parffin wax cream bases, BPA & Mineral Oil
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Auravedic Kumkumadi Face Cream with Kumkumadi oil Kumkumadi cream 100gm. Kumkumadi face cream for women men
325 reviews on this product

Auravedic Kumkumadi Face Cream with Kumkumadi oil Kumkumadi cream 100gm. Kumkumadi face cream for women men*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • RADIANT SKIN - The exquisite Kumkumadi day and night face cream, combined with other natural herbs, improves skin radiance, refines textures, and reduces fine lines. It is naturally scented with a pure botanical oil blend for naturally illuminating skin.
  • REJUVENATES SKIN - The cream contains pure ayurvedic herbs such as Saffron, Nagkesar, Manjistha, and Forest Honey, which are known to strengthen skin cells and nourish the skin from within. These herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that aid in pigmentation reduction and provide essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy, glowing complexion.
  • ANTI-AGEING PROPERTIES - The cream is a sure-fire elixir for anyone looking to age gracefully and keep their skin in good condition. Herbs with collagen-boosting properties, such as Saffron and Mulethi, help to improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and smile lines, and maintain healthier, younger-looking skin. In short, it's an anti-ageing elixir!
  • FEELS LIGHT ON SKIN - Being a lightweight cream, it is ideal for those who want to keep their skin's natural radiance. It absorbs quickly and does not leave your skin feeling heavy or sticky. So if you want to improve your skin tone and naturally enhance your face glow, a lightweight oil like Kumkumadi Tailam is a great choice. Regular use of 1-2 drops for 2-3 months will result in long-lasting results.
  • HOW TO USE - Cleanse your face with clean water. Take a scoop of the Kumkumadi Cream and massage generously in an upward direction on the face and neck. Use it daily during the day or at night for best results.
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Glow & Lovely Natural Face Cream Ayurvedic Care+ 50 g*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Glow & Lovely Ayurvedic Care + Face cream, formerly known as Fair & Lovely, is a daily moisturiser powered by 16 ingredients to give you a natural glow
  • It has the goodness of Milk, Chandan and Wheatgerm oil that clears uneven skin tone
  • Manjistha, Kesar and Lotus clears marks and improves glow
  • Lodhra, Khas and Neelotpal calms and soothes the skin
  • Dermatologically tested, does not contain any bleaching agents and is safe to use daily
  • This is not just a cream, it is an Ayurvedic glow expert
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Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream For Women For Collagen Boost And Deep Moisturizer For Face | Naturally Skin Firming Face Cream (14 Herbs, 8g)
2,078 reviews on this product

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream For Women For Collagen Boost And Deep Moisturizer For Face | Naturally Skin Firming Face Cream (14 Herbs, 8g)*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • NATURAL COLLAGEN BOOSTER- Saffron in combination with Natural Vitamin C help boost collagen levels naturally whilst plumping and hydrating the skin. This moisturizer for face is infused with Indian Madder, a natural astringent, that helps in skin firming.
  • ANTI- AGING SKIN BRIGHTENING CREAM FOR WOMEN - This collagen cream offers a blend of skin rejuvenating herbs that help smoothen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while restoring skin's youthful plumpness. Saffron contains carotenoids that help to brighten the skin & give it a radiant appearance.
  • DAILY USE DAY & NIGHT FACE CREAM – A versatile daily use cream that can be used as a day cream or as a night cream, making your skin feel smoother, supple, and softer. Powered with rejuvenating herbs like Cedarwood, Almond Extract, Liquorice etc this face cream for women helps replenish moisture and restores skin elasticity.
  • REFINES FINE LINES & WRINKLES- This wrinkle lift anti-ageing cream helps in retaining skin firmness by refining the fine lines and wrinkles. It replenishes your skin with collagen and essential moisture for a fuller appearance of skin.
  • DEEP HYDRATION- The face cream contains an exceptional concoction of exotic oils like Sandalwood Oil, Almond Oil, & Wheat Germ Oil to provide extra nourishment. This powerful blend of natural ingredients in this face moisturizer is effective for a natural skin glow and a youthful appearance of your skin.
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Herbs & Greens Vitamin C & Licorice Advanced Probiotic Hydrating & Skin Brightening Moisturizer | 5 Types Of Vitamin C, E, Carrot Probiotic & Precious Ayurvedic Herbs For Glowing Skin | Uneven Skin Tone | Natural Anti Aging Day & Night Face Cream For Woman & Men | Oily & Dry Skin*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • 5 TYPES OF VITAMIN C FOR VISIBLE GLOW - Aamras is a Ultra light elixir face brightening cream with India's first & most unique five types of vitamin C - Natural vitamin C from Carrot root ferment filtrate, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Amla, Paprika Orange & Mango Extracts to ensure firm intensely bright skin & fight dullness at every step
  • POWER OF PRECIOUS ANTI AGING HERBS - Contains the harnesed potency of Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Licorice & Aloe vera to reduce uneven skin tone and dullness
  • LOADED WITH VITAMIN E & PLANT BOTANICALS - Skin enhancing polyphenols & carotenoids from Carrot root ferment, Mango extracts/butter & Paprika Orange for a never before seen glow & radiance
  • SUPER 7 LAYER DEEP HYDRATION WITH NATURAL BETAINE, HYALURONIC & MANGO BUTTER - Contains the synergic power of skin brightening Mango butter, Natural Betaine & Hyaluronic for deep rooted hydration, & maintaning optimum moisture levels
  • CLEAN FORMULATION: The Vitamin C + Mango Sorbet Ultra Radiance Face Elixir is free from Sulphates, Parabens, Cruelty, GMO, EDTA, Silicones, Parafin, Artificial Colours, BPA and is suitable for both oily & dry skin
  • SUPER ANTIOXIDANT RICH TO FIGHT VISIBLE SIGNS OF AGING - An super antioxidant-rich cream, it helps reduce dullness & onset of fine lines, silky glowing skin. Get ready to surprise your loved ones for a never before skincare experience
  • NATURAL SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT GLOW BOOSTER: This powerful feather light cream ensures high delivery of Vit C deep into your skin. Vit C reduces melanin production resulting glowing skin. Reduces dullness & tanning.
  • SKIN LIGHTENING POWER OF CARROT FERMENT PROBIOTICS - A highly unique formulation containing carrot probiotics for enhanced radiance, glow & clear skin
  • NON COMODOGENIC: This cream is non comodogenic means suitable for both dry & oily skin and doesnt cause onset of acne pimples.
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Boroplus Antiseptic Cream Provides 24Hrs Moisturisation Ayurvedic Cream For All Aeasons Hand Cream, Body Cream & Face Cream, Moisturises Dry Skin With Goodness Of Neem, Tulsi And Aloe Vera, 120Ml*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Ayurvedic antiseptic ointment for healing and repairing skin
  • Contains natural oils and a blend of precious herbs
  • Medicated ointment – safe to use on all skin types; Keeps skin soft and prevents dry and chapped skin
  • Can be applied in case of cuts, scratches, minor wounds and burns
  • Target Gender: Unisex
Product RANK NO. 7

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Fairness Face Cream (60 g)*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Blend of natural ingredients
  • Non-greasy
  • Deep Nourishment & skin rejuvenation
  • Good for daily use
  • Skin Tone: All; Target Gender: Unisex
Product RANK NO. 8
TAC - The Ayurveda Co. Kumkumadi Day Cream with Spf 20 for Spot & Blemish Removal, Moisturising Face Cream for Glowing Skin, for Women & Men - 50Gm
631 reviews on this product

TAC - The Ayurveda Co. Kumkumadi Day Cream with Spf 20 for Spot & Blemish Removal, Moisturising Face Cream for Glowing Skin, for Women & Men - 50Gm*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • DAY CREAM WITH SPF 20 PROTECTION: Prep your morning skincare routine with 10% Kumkumadi Day Cream. This not only hydrates the skin but also shields your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • FIGHTS ACNE AND PIMPLES: The day cream for oily skin is lightweight, penetrates deep and prevents clogging of pores. It balances oily skin and lessens acne breakouts
  • TONES THE SKIN: Say goodbye to dry skin with the intensely hydrating formula of Kumkumadi day cream. It helps in skin rejuvenation, delaying early signs of ageing for a youthful and radiant complexion
  • MADE WITH AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC INGREDIENTS: The day cream for glowing skin is infused with the goodness of Saffron and other skin-healing herbs, namely Bala, Aloe Vera, Sandalwood and Manjistha to your skin a hydrated and youthful look
  • NO HARSH-CHEMICALS: The day cream for women daily use is free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils and is hygienically prepared under Good Manufacturing Practices. It is ISO certified, toxin-free, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan, making it suitable for all skin types
Shop at 6% OFF PriceProduct RANK NO. 9

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Sandalwood Radiance and Skin Brightening Cream | Moisturizing Day Cream for Women for Daily Use | Face Cream for Women with Sun Protection (13 Herbs 50 g)*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • SKIN BRIGHTENING DAY CREAM –Mysorean Sandalwood blended with cold pressed Almond Oil and Aloe Vera makes this moisturizer for face an effective cream for maintaining the buoyancy and structure of the skin cells. It naturally replenishes the skin moisture rejuvenating skin complexion.
  • SUN PROTECTION - Powered with ancient ayurvedic herb Yashad Bhasma that provides natural protection against exposure to sun, by creating a physical barrier on the skin's surface that reflects and scatters UV rays, preventing them from penetrating the skin.
  • DEEP HYDRATION - The presence of Aloe Vera and Sesame Oil in this day cream makes it a perfect moisturizer for face, penetrating deep into the skin for intense moisturization, making the skin plump and velvety soft with a healthy glow.
  • SKIN LOVING INGREDIENTS - This face cream for women is gentle on skin, great for daily use, as it is formulated with 13 skin rejuvenating herbs like Aloe Vera extract, Sandalwood Oil, Turmeric extract, Manjistha, Mulethi, Almond and Sesame Oil etc. This powerful blend of natural ingredients is effective for a natural skin glow and a youthful appearance of your skin.
  • FAST ABSORBING, LIGHT & NON- GREASY- The light-weight formula of moisturizer for face absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it hydrated & supple to restore a brighter complexion. Suitable face moisturizer for dry skin, oily skin & combination skin type. No Parabens. No Sulphates. No Mineral Oil. No Animal Testing.

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