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Best Lip Scrubs For Soft and Smooth Lips || 2024 Latest Update

Top 10 Lip Scrubs For a Picture Perfect Pout

Hate those flakes over your lips? Then it’s time for you to get rid of it. Layering your lips alone with lip balms won’t work if you don’t get rid of the dead skin cells accumulated over your lips. To deal with those lips, give a try to some of the best lip scrubs in the market that will help you achieve softer, smoother and plump lips.
Today, when people are more concerned about skin care then it’s high time for you to try your hands on some of the best lip scrubs in the market . Not only they help to exfoliate your lips but also result in softer, smoother and healthier lips. We have compiled a list of some of the best lip scrubs in the market that you need to add in your cart this time to get rid of that build-up over your lips. Scroll down to know about them.

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Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Scrub Balm for Dark Lips Anti Pigmentation, Dry, Chapped, Smoking, Lipstick Stains Removal Lipcare for Men & Women 20 g (Pack of 1)Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Scrub Balm for Dark Lips Anti Pigmentation, Dry, Chapped, Smoking, Lipstick Stains Removal Lipcare for Men & Women 20 g (Pack of 1)
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Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Scrub Balm for Dark Lips Anti Pigmentation, Dry, Chapped, Smoking, Lipstick Stains Removal Lipcare for Men & Women 20 g (Pack of 1)*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • The natural ingredients moisturise, hydrate, and heal your lips. The walnut granules remove dead & dry skin and leave your lips soft and plump.
  • NicoLips natural lip scrub is specially designed to work on tanned or nicotine affected lips and restore their original colour.
  • This mild lip scrub is the best lip scrub for dark lips as it reduces pigment and tan from them and gives you bright, pink lips.
  • The Nicolips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm is a soothing blend of Beetroot, Almond and Natural butters the plumps up lips and hydrates them from within
  • NicoLips designed to suit all skin types and all genders. It is also the perfect natural lip scrub for smokers for getting rid of dark patches caused by smoking
  • How to Use: Apply the scrub to your lips & massage in circular motion. Let it sit for 1-2 mins & then wash/wipe off.
  • Benefits: Brightens & softens lips. Gently exfoliates dry chapped lips. Prevents darkening of lips & makes lips supple. Moisturises & heals dry chapped lips.
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Dot & Key LIP POLISH Choco Mint Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, 15ml*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Made of real chocolate & peppermint oil.
  • Scrubs away dead cells to reveal softer lips.
  • Almond oil helps lighten dark lips.
  • Shea butter keeps the lips moisturized for hours.
  • Powered with vitamin E that helps heal cracked, dry lips faster.
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mCaffeine Coffee Lip Scrub Balm - 85% Reduction in Dark Lips & Pigmentation | Heals Dry & Chapped Lips | With Natural Sugar, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil & Coffee Scrub | 100% Vegan (12gm)*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • EXFOLIATES, CURES CHAPPED LIPS, REDUCES PIGMENTATION: Coffee exfoliation that feels like a caffeinated kiss! Users experienced 85% reduction in pigmentation vs neutral product. Packed with Pure Arabica Coffee and Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Coffee Lip Scrub exfoliates and cures chapped and flaky lips with a blend of exfoliating Natural Cane Sugar and Coffee grinds. It exudes an aroma of bittersweet Coffee that delights the senses.
  • SUPERFOODS COFFEE & CAFFEINE AT THE CORE: Coffee is not just a refreshing drink to get your day started. It's much more than that. It is a superfood for the skin and has numerous benefits. Coffee is a rich source of Caffeine. The combination of Coffee and Caffeine exfoliates dead skin and removes chapped and flaky skin. It also reduces pigmentation.
  • JUST GOOD, NOTHING BAD: Our mission is to get you Addicted To Good and get you off of all the bad. Coffee Lip Scrub is free from harmful chemicals, SLS, Paraben, Mineral Oil and Beeswax, making it 100% cruelty free.
  • SATISFY YOUR LIPS' COFFEE CRAVINGS: Coffee is never enough and can never be. Not for you and not for your skin. So, if your lips crave more Coffee after using the Coffee Lip Scrub, then you can always reach out to Coffee Lip Balm and Coffee Lip Polishing Oil. Each of them is equally irresistible.
  • GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR THE PLANET: mCaffeine is India's first caffeinated personal care brand focussed on getting you addicted to the good of coffee-infused self-care. Our products are gender-neutral and suitable for all skin & hair types making them ideal for anyone who wishes to enhance their personal care regimen. We are a 100% Vegan, PETA Certified, and Cruelty-free brand with Zero Plastic Footprint.
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Lakme Exfoliating Lip Scrub with Hyaluronic Acid for soft, smooth lips | Lip Love Lip Scrub, 15gm*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Luscious lips, thanks to the goodness of cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid
  • Plump and soft lips for the perfect pout
  • Infused with the gentlest exfoliating crystals, it leaves the lips smoother, like never before
  • Removes dead skin and deeply moisturises to provide a soft & plump look to your lips
  • Bold or soft, matte or gloss, every lipstick will glide like magic on your lips due to the enriching properties of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, sugar, shea butter, cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid
  • Meet the most luxurious lip care regime of every diva with the Lakme Lip Love Lip Scrub
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M&U Raspberry Slush Fruity Lip Scrub | 100% Vegan Treats dark and dry lips Heal chapped lips For Men & Women*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Made with 100% Natural and Effective ingredients to make your lips soft and pink.
  • Treats dry lips & dark lips. Removes dead skin and provieds them nourishment.
  • M&U Raspberry lip scrub is a powerful blend of Raspberry seed oil, Almond oil, Glycerine, and Vitamin E oil which nourishes and heals your lips.
  • Made for both Men and Women. Gives you juicy and kissable lips with the flavour of Raspberry
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Namyaa Organic Lip Scrub for Smooth, Soft & Tempting Lips with Coconut, Glycerin and Other Natural Ingredients*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • 100% Organic lip scrub that is free from dangerous chemicals, harsh metals, pesticides, fertilizers and any kind of added synthetics
  • Helps hydrate, moisturize and smoothen out your lips which keeps them hydrated which prevents them from getting chapped and also heals chapped lips effectively
  • Especially formulated certified natural plant-based ingredients and organic oils like Avocado oil, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Vitamin E etc
  • Comes with the goodness of natural sugar that helps exfoliate the lips gently which gets soft, supple and luscious lips that are absolutely kissable
  • Helps do away with excess oil, dirt and other impurities that helps get a clearer, brighter and softer skin complexion
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Lip Scrub Brush, Lip Scrub - Lip Exfoliator Brush, Silicone Lip Brush Lip Scrubber Exfoliator Tool Lip Lightening for Dark Lips Double-Sided Lip Brush (Pink)*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • 2-1 Design: One side with lip scrub, another side as a massage for lips to stimulate blood circulation. The lip scrub brush allows your lip scrubs exfoliator & moisturizer to get better absorbed, giving your lips a fullness appearance.
  • Safe and Non-irritating: This double-sided lip brush tool is made of quality silicone, soft and non-irritating! Won't hurt your lips, perfect exfoliating lip brush for all skin types.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: Gently exfoliate lips with this silicone lip exfoliator brush in a circular motion with thin bristles, then wipe clean with a tissue, bring you more convenience. Easy to clean with water.
  • Multiple Usages: The lip exfoliator brush with multiple color choices suits your preferences, and you can choose the color you like or share them with your famlies and friends.
  • Portable Size: The lip scrub brush with ergonomically designed handle is easy to use, portable and practical to be stored in your bags for you to carry around, suitable for home and travel.
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Pilgrim Spanish Squalane Lip Scrub (Blueberry) for Women & Men for Smooth Lips | Lip Scrub for Dark Lips | Lip Scrub with Sugar & Shea Butter for gentle exfoliation, hydrated, smooth & soft lips| 8 gm*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • ✅GENTLY EXFOLIATING LIP SCRUB: The gently exfoliating lip scrub formula is expertly crafted to help remove dead skin cells, revealing soft, smooth and nourished lip. 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free from parabens, alcohol and sulphates.
  • ✅HYDRATES AND SMOOTHENS:Pilgrim Squalane Blueberry Lip Scrub is the right pick for you. Made with ultra hydrating squalane and sugar, the product can be applied at night time or before you want to apply your favourite lip color.
  • ✅DELIVERS THE PERFECT POUT:This refreshing lip scrub helps remove skin flakes from very dry lips, preventing further cracking. Gently massage the lips with the scrub, let it sit for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Beautiful smooth lips are yours!
  • ✅Exfoliates:Sugar makes for a gentle lip exfoliating formula to buff away dry skin.
  • ✅Hydrates & Softens:Squalane hydrates and nourishes lips to make them velvety-soft.The deeply nourishing lip scrub smoothens and conditions the delicate skin.
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Juicy Chemistry Blood Orange & Rosehip Lip Scrub for Pigmented, 10 g, For Dry & Chapped Lips, Certified Organic, 100% Natural, Cruelty Free*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • GENTLY EXFOLIATES DEAD SKIN ON LIPS - made with gentle exfoliants, this lip scrub helps remove dead skin from the lips gently. It leaves the lips deeply nourished post use.
  • HELPS REDUCE LIP PIGMENTATION - formulated with Rosehip Seed Oil, this lip scrub helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation on lips with regular use.
  • IMPROVES LIP TEXTURE - this gentle scrub also helps improve the lip texture by removing the dead skin cells over time. It keeps your lips smooth, supple and soft.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC & 100% NATURAL - this lip scrub is a pure blend of organic and natural ingredients and is Certified Organic by Ecocert (France) as per COSMOS Standards.
  • SUITABLE FOR - this lip scrub is suitable for pigmented, dry and chapped lips.
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The Man Company Lightening Lip Scrub With Brown Sugar, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil & Argan Oil For Dry & Chapped Lip, Restore Natural Colour, Nourishes, Moisturizes, Brightening, 10g*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • NO CHAPPED/DRY LIPS: The Man Company lip scrub comes with an advanced lightening lip scrub for men and women. This natural lip scrub not only smoothes and exfoliates your lips by gently scrubbing away dead skin cells but nourishes your lips to a great extent.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Lightening lip scrub for dark or smoky lips is made up of powerful natural ingredients like brown sugar granules, Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Sunflower Oil. These help to make lips more soft and supple.
  • PIGMENTED LIP REMOVER: Using the product generously and consistently ensures that your lips are restored to their natural shade. The presence of natural ingredients makes the scrub a perfect remedy for dark lips caused due to tanning or sun damage.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: We say no to chemical additives, paraben, sulfate, artificial fragrance and flavors. Our specially formulated brightening Lip Scrub is made with all-natural ingredients. The fine granules of Brown Sugar in the scrub gently condition dull, dark and dry lips to help them look and feel lighter and fuller.

Now, it’s time for you to uphold a perfect pout without worrying about your chapped lips. Do give a try to these amazing lip scrubs and say hello to healthy lips. Feel free to share your views on the products mentioned above. We would love to hear from you.