Top 10 Best Liquid Lipsticks of 2024 That Last All Day

Each one of us has a desire that our look should be intact all day long. So, for rocking your look, you must invest in some Best Liquid Lipsticks that are comfortable as well as long lasting.

Best Liquid Lipsticks To Put You Altogether The Whole Day

Wearing lipstick brings charm to one’s face. What if that lipstick spoils the whole look by melting down from the lips or becomes chappy and feathery? Truely, no one wants lipsticks to fade off that quickly. Each one of us has a desire that our look should be intact all day long. So, for rocking your look, you must invest in some Best Liquid Lipsticks that are comfortable as well as long lasting.

There are many products in the market that claim to last longer but some of them actually pass the floor test.Before stepping into the list of best liquid lipsticks, you must understand the care that your lips need for these kinds of lipsticks.

First of all, like other body parts, our lips also need exfoliation that will help in getting rid of dead skin cells that accumulate over the surface of lips. After scrubbing your lips with lip scrubber you need to moisturise your lips for some time before application of lipstick. This will ensure your lips look flawless after application of lispstick.

Best Liquid LipsticksBest Liquid Lipsticks

Which liquid lipstick lasts the longest?

Here we are with the bunch of some of the Best Liquid Lipsticks that have a great staying powder as well as feathery light. Do check them out!

1) NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream

Soft and velvety in texture, this lip cream glides smoothly on the lips giving a matte finish.It is light-weighted, non feathering and doesn’t feel heavy on lips.This Lipstick by NYX is smudge-proof, long lasting. It is available in 20 to 24 shades in browns,nudes,reds and wine shades. It is super pigmented , covers lips in single stroke giving matte finish that lasts all day long.


  • Smudge proof.
  • Shades easy to navigate.
  • Long lasting matte finish.


  • Can be too mattifying for some people.

Tip: Scrub and moisturise your lips before application.

2) Maybelline Superstay Matte Lip Color

A long lasting formula which is intensely pigmented and claims to last for around 16hrs.It is available in 20+ shades that suits every skin tone. Unique arrow applicator makes it easy for the beginners to work with. The Superstay Matte Lip color does not dry out lips and is suitable for all skin types.


  • Stays for a long time.
  • Beautiful shades.
  • Semi Matte finish.

Try out Best Matte lipsticks


  • Stains lips, it’s difficult to take it off.
  • Some people reviewed it to be sticky and cakey after a few hours.

3) Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks

Smudge me not liquid lipsticks by Sugar Cosmetics are super super pigmented and last the whole day long. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E,this is one of the best lipsticks that I ever came across. It is smudge-proof ,water proof, non-fading and non feathering. It is a good option for special occasions . It does not feel heavy on the lips. And guess what!! It is available in 52 shades with their mini Versions too.


  • Long lasting.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Shades easy to navigate.


  • Dry skin buddies can find it a bit patchy .

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Tip: Moisturise your lips before it’s application and you are good to go.

4) Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

These liquid lipsticks are opaquely pigmented, they give intense pigmentation in one swipe and last for 8 to 10 hours. It is transfer proof even after eating. The qualities of  these Colourpop lipstick is amaze, glides beautifully giving Perfect matte finish and their color section is really lovable. Their formula is thin and does not feel heavy on lips at all.


  • Formula comfortable on lips.
  • Long lasting.
  • Non tacky.


  • Not easily available.
  • A bit on pricier side.

5) Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick

Infused with the goodness of primer oil, blend of jojoba, apricot and sunflower oil, this lipstick by Smashbox is quite comfortable on lips. It has a velvety matte formula that gives a luxurious feel to lips and can last upto 8 hours. It is Weightless, non feathering and non drying to lips. Besides all this,it is smudge-proof and water resistant. You’ll never repent buying this at all. These Liquid Lipsticks are available in 37 amazing shades ranging from nudes to bolds.


  • Long lasting.
  • Various shades to choose from.
  • Supreme Matte finish.


  • Heavy on pocket.

Another Popular Shade

6) Huda beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

A high comfortable formula curated to give long lasting matte finish without overdrying lips. Infused with antioxidants, it keeps the lips hydrated. It is an excellent option to wear the whole day long. These lipsticks by Huda Beauty give an intense color pay off in a single swipe. Also, it has plenty of shades to choose from. Transfer proof and smudge-proof, it goes a long way without fading off.


  • Luxurious formula.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Supreme matte finish.


  • Heavy on pocket.

7) Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick

Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E ,this Liquid Lipstick by Nykaa is light-weighted, transfer-proof and gives a non-shiny matte finish. It’s formula is smooth which dries out to give an opaque finish. These lipsticks come in 18+ beautiful shades. These Lipsticks by Nykaa are also available in mini versions.


  • Light weighted formula.
  • Transfer-proof.
  • Matte finish.


  • Mini versions are too small.

8) Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

Goes on glossy yet transforms into high pigmented matte finish, gives intense pay off. This lipstick is non drying and stays for a long time. It claims to change its appearance with light. These lipsticks by Wet n Wild come in 10 shades and are available on different shopping websites Rebel Rose and Give Me Mocha are most Loveable amongst all.


  • Non glossy matte finish.
  • Affordable.
  • Stays for a long time.


  • Limited shades.

9) Colorbar Kiss Proof Liquid Lipstick

A Liquid based stain having a creamy velvety texture that sets into powdery matte finish after a few seconds of application. This Lip Color from Colorbar is smudge-proof, transfer proof and won’t fade off after eating meals.Light on the lips,it gives an opaque matte finish.This lipstick is dermatologically tested and cruelty free.Besides this, it is free from parabens, preservatives and artificial fragrances.


  • Feather light on lips.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Kiss-proof.
  • Free from parabens.


  • A little expensive.

10) Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte

Ulta light in texture, the lip color is velvety smooth in texture and gives a powdered matte finish that lasts for upto 12 hours. Wild mango butter in it provides hydration to lips and provides a perfect even finish. This lipstick by Bobbi Brown is free from parabens, phthalate, sulfate, mineral oil & gluten. It is available in around 10 shades.


  • Super smooth matte finish.
  • Free from Parabens and Mineral oil.
  • Long lasting.


  • Expensive.

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If we don’t get you wrong, you might have got the lipstick 💄 that you were hunting for. These lipsticks are so versatile that you can wear them on your lips for office, college or special occasions. You can also mix and match these lipstick with the glosses. Some days when you want to add some sheen with the same shades, just apply light colored gloss or lip balm over it to make them look naturally glossy. 

Last thing is how to take them off your lips?

To take them off your lips, you need to use makeup remover or you can also use some kind of oil from your kitchen like olive oil or coconut oil. You can also try vaseline jelly to wipe them off. Vaseline jelly also works great. Be gentle wiping them off else you will be left with irritated lips that will hurt you at last. 

So ladies, give these lipsticks a try and do share your views on them.

  1. <strong><em>Which liquid lipstick lasts the longest?</em></strong>

    Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick is one of the lipsticks that lasts the longest without smudging. It gives you a perfect matte finish and opaque pigmentation.

  2. <strong><em>Which is best lipstick or liquid lipstick?</em></strong>

    Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipstick is the best liquid lipstick in the market. It has a high color pay off and stays on lips for a longer period of time. The richness and color of these liquid lipsticks are something to fall for.

  3. <strong><em>What is the best lipstick to stay on all day?</em></strong>

    Sugar Smudge Me Not LIquid Lipstick is the best lipstick to stay on all day. but you will find it a bit difficult to find some good nude shades in this range. For nude shades, you can definitely check out Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick and Huda beauty Liquid matte Lipstick.

  4. <strong><em>Which is the best lipstick for dry skin?</em></strong>

    Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte is the best lipstick for dry skin. The lipstick gives you a velvety matte finish that stays on lips all day long. For a more budget friendly option, you can give a try to Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick.