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Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo Review

Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo Review

Review of Scalpe Plus Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Hello guys, today I am here with a review of an Anti-dandruff shampoo named Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff shampoo that grabbed my attention when I was scrolling through the search results of some best Anti-dandruff shampoo. I literally tried many Anti-dandruff shampoo but the results never satisfied me. This time it was Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo and I was hoping for some good to my dandruff-prone scalp.

Let’s see how this shampoo worked for me.


Manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Scalpe Plus Anti-Dandruff Shampoo has been in existence for more than 17years. The brand has a proven track record in the treatment of dandruff related issues. It is based on the ketoconazole + ZPTO formulation which is renowned and recognised across the globe for its effectiveness against dandruff.

Scalpe shampoo has earned the position of doctors most prescribed anti-dandruff shampoo due to its effective, consistent and tangible delivery of relief from dandruff related issues.

Ingredients of Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Key Ingredients – Ketoconazole and Zinc Pyrithione

Ketoconazole, the key ingredient of Scalpe Plus formulation has proven efficacy against the root cause of dandruff – the Malassezia fungus. Ketoconazole attacks the fungus and eliminates it, providing long-lasting relief from dandruff and its associated problems. The conditioning base keeps your hair soft.

How to use Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo ?

1)Wet hair & scalp & apply sufficient shampoo to produce enough lather

2)Massage for one minute & rinse with warm water 

3)Repeat procedure for an additional 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water & dry hair

How often to use ?

Use once in 3 days for 4 weeks followed by once weekly as maintenance therapy.

Who can use Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo?

Both men and women facing dandruff and itchy scalp issues can use it. Pregnant women should ask their doctor before using it.


75ml of this product is priced at ₹260 which you can easily purchase online for around ₹200

Buy its pro version here

Packaging of Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo Review


The Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff shampoo comes in a blue sleek plastic bottle with a lid cap.When you open the lid,you’ll see a small hole opening that helps in taking out the right amount of product. I am not sure if it will be safe to travel with this bottle.

Color and Consistency of Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo

The Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff shampoo has a runny consistency and has a pink color to it.

My Experience with Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo

I started using the scalpe plus during the onset of monsoon when both my hair and scalp were not doing so well. I used the Scalpe Plus shampoo every 4th day. The shampoo doesn’t lather much and if you are like me who is obsessed with oiling the hair before every hair wash then this won’t help much in this regard and you will be left with greasy hair.

It is a dandruff treatment of our hair and we can’t overdo it. So, what I do is I take a small amount of my regular shampoo, dilute it and pour it on my hair. After massaging for a few seconds I rinse it and then I apply the scalpe plus anti-dandruff shampoo. 

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After applying the scalpe plus Shampoo, massage it for a few seconds and leave it on my hair for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly with normal water. This results in clean and oil-free hair. It leaves the hair a little drier but it can be managed by regularly conditioning and oiling the hair.

It’s been three month since I used it and it has reduced my dandruff drastically. The shampoo didn’t  irritate my scalp. It just worked miraculously for me. Also, it relieved me with the itchy scalp. The hair without that flaky dandruff was all I wanted for so long. 

People who are facing extreme dandruff issues should give it a try. It is not like our regular shampoos so I discontinued using it after a month or month and a half. At least at this time, I can say the dandruff and build-ups of my scalp have come to an end. So, I am hoping it won’t become as serious as it was. 


  • Reduces dandruff to great extent.
  • Prevents dandruff from reoccurring
  • Prevents itching and flaky scalp.
  • Prevents hair fall due to dandruff.
  • Visible results after a few washes.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Easily available online at amazing discount offers. 


  • May leave your hair a little drier.
  • Loaded with chemicals.

Things to remember while using Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff Shampoo

  • If you are facing dandruff issues, then only use this shampoo. When your issues get resolved, discontinue using it.
  • Don’t overdo the scalpe Plus shampoo. Do as recommended else it can have side effects.
  • If possible, seek advice from your doctor before its use.
  • If you have a sensitive scalp, go for a patch test. In case of any visible side effect do visit your doctor as soon as possible.


Scalpe Plus Anti-dandruff shampoo is the best shampoo for treating dandruff issues. I’ll highly recommend this product if you have a dandruff prone scalp. You’ll be amazed to see the results. Do give it a try.


  1. Is Scalpe shampoo good for dandruff?

    Scalpe Shampoo is a good shampoo for treating dandruff issues pertaining for a long time. It can be quite effective for some people. It will be better if you discuss with your dermatologist before using it.

  2. How do you use Scalpe plus anti dandruff shampoo?

    1)Wet hair & scalp & apply sufficient shampoo to produce enough lather.
    2)Massage for one minute & rinse with warm water.
    3)Repeat procedure for an additional 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water & dry hair.

  3. What shampoo is best for dandruff?

    Scalpe Plus Anti Dandruff is the best shampoo to treat dandruff prone scalp. No wonder if you use it the way it is prescribed you will be amazed to see the results.

  4. Is Scalpe Plus shampoo good?

    Ya, Scalpe Plus shampoo is a great option for people having dandruff issues for a long time. It is always necessary to consult your dermatologist before using any medicated shampoo

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