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11 Best Sunscreen For Dry Skin

Best Selling Products In India

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Product RANK NO. 1

Neutrogena Ultra sheer Sunscreen, SPF 50+, Ultra light, for oily and dry skin, 30ml*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock, SPF 50+ sunscreen for men and women
  • Broad spectrum SPF 50+ protection against UVA UVB rays
  • Dermatologist Tested, Oil-free and Non-Comedogenic
  • Ultra-Light with a non-shiny finish, leaves the skin Soft & Smooth
  • Suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, normal)
  • Waterproof & Sweatproof
  • Weightless Matte finish Sunscreen
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Undry Hydrating Sunscreen for Dry Skin (50gm) Lightweight, Photostable Sunscreen SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sun Screen Protector SPF 50 Sunscreen for Women & Sunscreen for Men; Sun Cream with HA & Ceramide*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Hydrating Gel Sunscreen SPF 50 for Dry Skin - Lightweight Sun Cream for Men & Women for Absolute Sun Protection and Deep Hydration, Dermatologically Tested SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion Gel
  • Photostable Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum Protection that Leaves No White Cast - Non-Oily Face & Body Sunscreen for Dry Skin with PA+++ Rating; SPF 50 Sunscreen for Women & SPF 50 Sunscreen for Men
  • Apply This Hydrating Gel Based Sunscreen SPF 50 Suncream on Any Exposed Skin as the Last Step of your Skincare Routine;Quick-Absorbing Sun Screen Protector for Women / Sun Screen Protector for Men
  • Photostable Sunscreen Gel with Internationally Sourced UV Filters like Suncat MTA & Mineral Sunscreen Actives Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Skin Care Essential Sun Screen Protector SPF 50
  • Hydrating Gel Sunscreen for Dry Skin - Sunscream with Skin-Safe Ingredients, Free From 15+ Harmful Chemicals & Toxins; Undry Suns Cream with SPF 50 Sunscreen for Women / SPF 50 Sunscreen for Men
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The Derma Co 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen SPF 50 Aqua Gel, PA++++, Lightweight, No white-cast for Broad Spectrum & Blue Light Protection for Oily, Dry, Acne-prone Skin - 80g*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • PROVIDES BROAD SPECTRUM PROTECTION (PA++++): The PA grading system in sunscreens indicates the level of protection from the UVA rays. So, the presence of more than three ‘+’ signs signifies that sunscreen provides the best protection against UVA rays. Our SPF 50 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel with PA++++ formulated with the effective combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E protects from sun damage, while also reducing fine lines, wrinkles and making your skin soft and supple.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST BLUE LIGHT: Blue light, a type of high-energy visible light is emitted by several electronic devices. The blue light from these devices not only disrupts our sleep cycle but also damages our skin significantly. This is why we bring you 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel with Vitamin E that protects your skin from not only the sun but also screens. Here’s your skin’s new BFF that keeps it healthy and damage-free.
  • POWERED WITH 5 UV FILTERS: Let’s take sun protection to the next level with our sunscreen powered with 5 efficacious UV filters that keep UVA & UVB rays away like a pro!
  • NON-GREASY & FRAGRANCE-FREE: Say goodbye to the greasy and oily finish of typical sunscreens. The Derma Co. 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen Aqua Gel is fragrance-free and doesn’t clog your pores. The presence of 1% concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in this sunscreen makes it quick to absorb and provides intense hydration to the skin. Extremely lightweight in nature, the sunscreen dissolves like water, hence the name ‘Aqua Gel’.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE FORMULATION: Free from toxins, and fragrance, this sunscreen with PA++++ has a safe & effective formulation that that keeps your skin away from sun damage.
  • WHO IS IT SUITABLE FOR? Those looking for a non-greasy, fragrance-free broad spectrum protection against UV rays and blue light. Anyone with normal, oily, acne-prone, or blemish-prone skin can use this sunscreen.
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Fixderma Shadow Sunscreen SPF 50+ Cream | Sunscreen for Dry Skin | Sunscreen for UVA & UVB Protection | Non Greasy & Water Resistant - 15 gm*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • HIGH UV PROTECTION: Extended broad-spectrum protection of UVA and UVB rays and achieves Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50 or greater.
  • OIL FREE & NON-GREASY FORMULATION: Oil-free & photostable formulation provides an excellent UV rays coverage for a longer duration of time & helps to give a non-tacky feeling.
  • SKIN TYPE: Light-weight sunscreen specially designed for the acne prone & sensitive skin & suits all skin types.
  • LONG-LASTING EFFECT: Infused with the power of both physical blockers and chemical absorbers to give a long-lasting effect.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Squeeze desired amount of Fixderma Shadow SPF 50+ Gel on fingertips and apply over entire face, neck, and chest 15 min prior to sun exposure. Re-apply after swimming, sweating, physical activity or as needed.
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Aqualogica Glow Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ 50g | UVA/B & Blue Light Protection for Men & Women | Oily, Dry, Sensitive & Combination Skin | Fragrance-Free*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Protects From UV Rays and Blue Light: Packed with SPF 50 and PA+++ protection, the Glow+ Dewy Sunscreen is your ultimate protection against UVA and UVB rays, and Blue Light. It primarily features Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide that filter the sun’s harmful rays without causing any dryness.
  • Prevents Tanning and Gives Skin Glow: Give your skin maximum coverage against sun tanning with the Glow+ Dewy Sunscreen. Go on, get your glow with this toxin-free sun protector. Being one of the best sunscreens for the face in India, it also reduces tanning and offers a natural glow on the skin.
  • Hydrating, Lightweight, and Non-Sticky: Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, this gel-based sunscreen is extremely hydrating and feels light on the skin. Being enriched with Papaya Extracts makes it noncomedogenic, so it doesn’t clog the skin pores, even with regular application.
  • Fragrance-Free, Color-Free, and For All Skin Types: Glow+ Dewy Sunscreen is fragrance-free, color-free, and suitable for all skin types. It is equally safe for all skin types- normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive. As a premier natural sunscreen for everyday use, it is 100% vegan, cruelty-free (certified by PETA) and toxin-free.
  • Gets quickly absorbed with no white cast: Aqualogica Glow+ Dewy Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ comes powered by formulated using Unique Water Lock Technology. This makes it easy on the skin cells, and you will find that it gets quickly absorbed without leaving any white casts.
  • Makes skin look dewy and glowing: With its light, water-based texture, this sunscreen gives you a distinct dew-like experience and makes your skin glow naturally. The presence of Papaya Extracts helps remove dead skin cells, and Hyaluronic Acid provides the necessary hydration to the skin cells.
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Mamaearth HydraGel Indian Sunscreen SPF 50, With Aloe Vera & Raspberry, for Sun Protection - 50g
5,874 reviews on this product

Mamaearth HydraGel Indian Sunscreen SPF 50, With Aloe Vera & Raspberry, for Sun Protection - 50g*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • PROTECTS AGAINST UVA & B RAYS: Raspberry present in the sunscreen is high in antioxidants. The SPF 50 formula protects the skin from UV damage.
  • NON-STICKY AND LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA: The gel-based formula provides long term hydration and protection from the sun. Aloe Vera makes it non-sticky & lightweight.
  • PROVIDES HYDRATION: While Raspberry in the sunscreen protects against the sun and its harmful rays, Aloe Vera hydrates while soothing dry skin
  • MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made using natural ingredients, the sunscreen is free from Parabens, SLS, Petroleum, Artificial Preservatives, & Colors.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The sunscreen is dermatologically tested & is suitable for all skin types.
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Aqualogica Detan+ Dewy Lightweight Sunscreen with SPF 50+ & PA++++ for UVA/B & Blue Light Protection | Normal, Sensitive & Dry Skin | Tan Removal & No White Cast for Men & Women - 50g
1,050 reviews on this product

Aqualogica Detan+ Dewy Lightweight Sunscreen with SPF 50+ & PA++++ for UVA/B & Blue Light Protection | Normal, Sensitive & Dry Skin | Tan Removal & No White Cast for Men & Women - 50g*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • Prevents Sun Damage: With SPF 50 and PA++++, Aqualogica Detan + Dewy Sunscreen protects your skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays and blue light and effectively detan skin.
  • Improves skin tone (Provides an Even Skin Tone with a Dewy Glow): Crafted with Cherry Tomato and Hyaluronic Acid, its fragrance-free formula effectively addresses skin discoloration, leaving you a dewy glow. It also corrects uneven skin tone to help you have a better appearance.
  • Lightweight & Non-Sticky (Doesn't Feel Heavy On the Skin): A fast-absorbing formula penetrating your skin without leaving any white cast. It is non-sticky and non-greasy, and blends well with all skin types.
  • Hydrates & Moisturizes Skin: Hyaluronic Acid is a gold standard in skincare. It helps retain water and reduces wrinkles in people with dry skin. It also works equally great for people with oily or sensitive skin as it does not become sticky or greasy post-application.
  • Suitable for All Skin Types: A sunscreen that is perfect for all skin types. Crafted with Cherry Tomato and Hyaluronic Acid, it works equally well on dry, oily, acne-sensitive, and combination skin. People with any skin type can apply it throughout the day without hassles.
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Clean: Aqualogica Detan + Dewy Sunscreen comes powered with SPF 50. It works equally well for men and women because it is vegan, cruelty-free (as certified by PETA), and toxin-free.
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin: This is what makes it one of the best sunscreens for the face in India. Aqualogica Detan+ Dewy Lightweight Sunscreen comes powered with Unique Water Lock Technology that makes the application easy and absorption hassle-free.
  • Doesn't feel heavy on the skin: The best thing about this sunscreen is that you won't even feel it’s there. You may apply it to beat the harmful radiation away at home or outdoors. These factors also make it a safe and natural sunscreen for everyday use.
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Minimalist Sunscreen SPF 50 Lightweight with Multi-Vitamins | No White Cast | Broad Spectrum PA ++++ | For Women & Men | 50g*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • This sunscreen is formulated with 4 very effective UV-filters, namely, Uvinul T 150, Avobenzone, Octocrylene and Titanium Dioxide to provide protection from UVA & UVB
  • Boosted with Vitamin A, B3, B5, E and F that not only repairs skin after sun exposure, but also soothes, nourishes and hydrates skin
  • Thoroughly tested by an independent lab and confirmed SPF of 50 was obtained
  • It is a Photostable and does not leave any white cast on application
  • Spreads easily like a lightweight moisturiser and does not leave behind unwanted residue or heavy feeling
  • The primary filters are sourced from BASF, Germany and Royal DSM, Netherlands
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Dr. Sheth's Ceramide & Vitamin C Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ | For Deep Moisturization | Non-Greasy, Quick-Absorbing | Zero White Cast | For Women & Men | UVA UVB Sun Protection | 50g
4,559 reviews on this product

Dr. Sheth's Ceramide & Vitamin C Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ | For Deep Moisturization | Non-Greasy, Quick-Absorbing | Zero White Cast | For Women & Men | UVA UVB Sun Protection | 50g*

Product Highlights and Updates
  • SPF 50 & PA+++ TO PROTECT FROM UV RAYS & BLUE LIGHT: Prevents premature aging & sunburn
  • STRENGTHENS THE SKIN BARRIER: Ceramides in the formulation help build the skin barrier, making it less prone to pigmentation & damage
  • PREVENTS MICRO-PIGMENTATION: Micro-pigmentation occurs when damage is caused at a micro level, causing pigmentation & uneven skin tone
  • MOISTURIZES & HELPS REPAIR SKIN DAMAGE:Hydrating ingredients hold moisture in the skin without feeling greasy
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE INDIAN SKIN: A powerful yet soothing blend of nourishing ingredients to suit even the most sensitive skin

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